Perpetual Spring

I’m sitting here in my New England apartment at the end of January looking out the window at the never-ending 40 degree temperatures. While you may think that a girl who spent most of last winter shoveling out and trying to figure out how to keep the chill out would be ECSTATIC, there’s one thing you’re forgetting: I LOVE THE COLD. Seriously, I would give anything for there to be massive amounts of snow outside right now and for the temperatures to be below 10 degrees. Alas, I can’t change mother nature. HOWEVER. I can still pretend that it’s freezing outside and I can make inside cozy.

When my husband and I went to Iceland in October for our honeymoon, we absolutely fell in love with Scandinavian culture. We fell in love with how the people, their personalities, their folklore. But we mostly fell in love with how they viewed nature. Ever changing, ever un-kept. You don’t control nature, nature controls you. (So, deal with it!) Once we got home, we started researching where we wanted to go next (definitely Scandinavia, and if you have any suggestions, let us know!). That’s when we got introduced to the concept of koselig from Norway and hygge from Denmark. To explain it in the simplest terms, it basically means “all things cozy.” Of course, it means SO much more than that, some of which can’t be put into words. Some things that are “koselig” or “hygge” include candles, a fire in a fireplace rather than heat, fur, knit items, good and warm food, having dear friends over for a night of fun, etc etc. It’s always feeling like you’re being embraced by a warm hug. This is how they are happy regardless of how dark it is, how cold it is, how much snow there is, and who can blame them!? It sounds lovely and sounds like what I want to fashion my life after.

In pursuit of this, I’ve been adding some of these things to my life including this handmade candlestick holder. Feeling cozy already!



How do you stay warm and happy in the winter?

Check back for a tutorial on how to make this Scandinavian style candlestick holder! Take a moment to follow the blog for new posts. I won’t be posting on a certain schedule, but I will be posting whenever I have a new cozy project! (Because, let’s be real. A cozy project is really the only kind of project I take on!)


EDIT: Immediately after I posted this, it started snowing! Of course. Wish me a cozy night!


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